Lauren Cincotta PA-C

Lauren Cincotta has been a certified physician assistant at Connolly Dermatology for seven years.  During that time, she has practiced with Dr. Connolly to provide excellent patient care in both our Linwood and Cape May Court House offices.  She performs comprehensive skin examinations for all ages, with particular attention to early detection and treatment of skin cancer.  She also offers skin care advice, skin product recommendations, and performs chemical peels to improve appearance and minimize imperfections of the skin, particularly the face.  Lauren believes that early education about skin protection and skin cancer is the key to early detection.  For that reason, she volunteers annually to perform local skin cancer screenings.

Skin care advice this summer:
As a mother of two young boys, I understand how difficult it is to protect children from harmful UV exposure.  Children often do not like sunscreen applied or wearing hats and rash guards with SPF.  They will not stay under an umbrella at the beach or agree to avoid outdoor activity between the recommended hours of 10am-2pm.  My advice to parents in similar situations is to be vigilant in protecting your children.  Try your absolute hardest to apply at least SPF 30 sunscreen every two hours while outside.  Pick stylish protective hats and clothing that are similar to their friends.  Plan indoor activities while the sun is the strongest from 10am-2pm.  What you do as a parent will directly affect their future.  Most of the complications of sun damage we endure as adults were accrued before 18 years old.  The risk of skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, and the signs of aging are established at this time.  Bottom line, give your children a chance to have healthy skin in the future by protecting it today.