Sean Adair PA-C

Sean Adair is a nationally certified Physician Assistant, proudly employed by Connolly Dermatology.  He is committed to serving the southern New Jersey community, in which he has native roots and continues to reside.  As a dermatology PA, he addresses overall skin care and is focused on the early detection and treatment of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.  In addition, he provides expert guidance with regard to chronic, contagious and cosmetic issues of the hair, skin and nails.  Having received his Master’s Degree in Health Science from the very selective Drexel University College of Health Professions, Sean Adair believes that his insatiable thirst for education is crucial to delivering a great evidence-based medicine approach to his patients.  He regularly attends seminars from nationwide thought leaders and has presented lectures to community groups and medical professionals alike.  He is affiliated with professional societies for dermatology providers, which encourage continued learning through cooperative feedback.  From such, he strives to emulate the Connolly philosophy – that a knowledgeable patient is a happier, healthier patient.

Sean also finds enrichment apart from practicing medicine in ecotourism and volunteerism.  He is honored to provide free skin cancer screenings as part of the statewide “Choose Your Cover” initiative.

This summer, Sean would like to remind us beach-goers to apply a broad-spectrum sunblock (preferably one that lists zinc and/or titanium as active ingredients) every two hours while the sun is at its peak.  In addition, a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses and long-sleeved rash guard style clothing are optimal choices, especially for those with fair hair, eyes and skin.  Not only will preventing sun burn guard against future skin cancers, it will allow you to enjoy the best outdoor activities the summer offers and prevent premature aging along the way.

Connolly Dermatology is now accepting new patients in all office locations and would encourage everyone that a yearly visit to the dermatologist is important for the purpose of detecting skin cancer in its earliest and most curable form.